Woodlay Holidays

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  20.01.2020 Ferienhaus Ostsee


After the wellbeing of our guests to Woodlay our next priority is the health and happiness of our fish. Guests seen to be ignoring the following rules will be asked to stop fishing.

General Rules

Maximum of 1kg of ground bait to be used per day. No nuts (e.g. tiger, brazil etc) or beans/peas (e.g. chick, maple, blackeye, red kidney, lima, soya etc) are to be used on any lakes
◾Only landing nets, Keep nets, Unhooking mats and Weigh slings supplied by Woodlay Holidays can be used in our waters. There are No exceptions to this rule.
◾Under no circumstances should a cloth or rag be used to handle fish.
◾Barbless hooks only (no crushed or micro barbed).
◾Use of an unhooking mat is mandatory by all anglers.
◾Keep nets may be used for fish up to 3 lbs. Larger fish must be returned immediately.
◾There is a limit of 60lbs of fish per keep net.
◾No Trout are to be placed in keep nets.
◾All fish in keep nets must be returned within 6 hours.
◾No lead-cored leaders to be used.
◾No fixed rigs.
◾Monofilament main line only to be used - No braid.
◾No Braided marker float / spod rods etc.
◾Maximum monofilament breaking strain – 10lbs.
◾No Spinners or lures.
◾No Sea fishing tackle allowed
◾Please apply “klinik” or another antiseptic wound dressing to any obvious wounds on any fish once landed.
◾Please use the bins provided and do not leave any rubbish or fishing line behind on the bank.
◾The fishing lodge is for residents only.
◾Please respect other anglers and do not block paths around lakes.

Please remember that a current environment agency coarse fishing license is required to fish.

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